Artificial.Chat = Conversational AI


Chat is the new center of Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial ArtificialChat has combined the best of Chatbots (LEX), Peer to Peer (RocketChat) and Knowledge Graphs (Neptune) and rolled it into a stable scalable platform. 

The ArtificialChat Platform. Created from real-world clients & projects, we’re actively sharing our best practices as Open Source. You know those little things like; React code that hands off from Twilio SMS to HTML5 to IOS/Android without jarring the user, seamless transitions from NLP to nested drop-downs that actually enhance the conversation without stopping it.

Our chat conversation style & framework is like good poetry: engaging without being too drippy or too commercial.  It uses insider language in verticals that have savvy users, and plain English when conversing with the masses.

We’re really focused on the AWS Ecosystem 99% of the time, because our founders have lived in it since 2005.  As for that 1%, we’ll occasionally detour here and there to the Google Cloud, take a dip in an IBM Watson service or design with IBM’s Carbon Design system, always guided by the reality of our client’s project requirements.

Our founder scaled NYC’s entire regional Transit system with the country’s  largest online employer to consumer transit pass program for over 7 years, in those “bad old days” before the Cloud was stable and we ran it on over 100 bare-metal servers.  That old school success has emboldened us to approach Conversational Infrastructure with the same zeal. Let’s Chat.